I really hope that I dont bore you with this website, its just the home of cute animals, incase I am already boring you there should be a little red cross in the top right corner this tab, window or screen.

Here is your daily dose of cute animals before we begin. If your heart dosnt melt you might as well stop scrolling Click here to experience ultimate adorableness.

Lets get this straight, I love animals so much

I love little dashund sausgage dogs, I would love to get one as a pet.

What are your favourite animals, mine are:

Thats it from me today but i'll update you with more stuff next week! Sorry it's all a bit random 27/11/19

One week later, I am back! I am heer with your large daily dose of cute animals. I'll add some christmas animals later as we near the 25th of December

Thats it from me. Go check out my new website, It's christmas time! See you soon. 4/12/19